Clark Check

Clark Check

Give your customers a new way to pay. Clark Check allows you to accept checks efficiently and reduce risk. Plus, it’s powered by TeleCheck™ - the industry leader in check acceptance and check processing services.

Clark Check Features:

  • Expands your payment acceptance
  • Improves cash flow (each check is tracked and funded like a credit/debit card transaction)
  • Reduces liability of fraudulent and returned checks
  • Reduces bank fees (returned check cost $30 or more)
  • Streamline account reconciliation
  • Eliminate risk

The Process is simple:

  • Customer presents a check as payment
  • Clerk authorizes it through an FD200TI or FD130 terminal*
  • Customer receives printed receipt for signature
  • The signature allows the check to be electronically presented to the customer’s bank for settlement
  • The money is automatically deposited into your bank account
  • You will never see a returned check or manage collection fees
  • Delivery of paper checks to your bank is eliminated

Clark Check provides an electronic check acceptance (ECA) program that converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the point of sale (POS) and is supported by the most accurate authorization database and collections services. With Clark Check, you can accept checks as quickly and easily as credit cards. The program provides opportunities for increased efficiency, reduced risk and higher productivity at the POS, all of which benefit your business. This service will change the way you think about checks.

* Please note that an additional check reader purchase will be required.

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