Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners

Allied Brand Capital:
Chuck Lemar
Allied Brand Capital specializes in enabling small business owners to succeed by providing hassle free equipment financing in the retail and commercial petroleum industries. Working with its customers to enable them to optimize their financing and capital structures, Allied Brand Capital is a leading provider of capital equipment financing and leasing for re-imaging, EMV upgrades, UST’s, LED lighting, walk-in coolers, car wash equipment, in-store food processing equipment, franchise fees and much more.


EchoSat Communication Group:
859-389-8700 ext. 254
EchoSat Inc. provides payments security and redundancy for retail outlets in many vertical markets, as well as managed network and firewall services to protect point-of-sale systems from security breaches. EchoSat’s products are geographically redundant to maximize availability. The innovative team at EchoSat has developed a powerful set of PCI-DSS compliant data security and network control systems, designed to ensure your critical data is protected and reliably delivered.


Jones and Frank Petroleum Equipment Specialist:
Brian Runsick
Jones and Frank Petroleum Equipment Specialist is one of the largest Distributors, Service Providers, and Installers serving the owners and operators of fuel systems in the United States. The company maintains 22 branch offices and 3 distribution centers along the Atlantic seaboard and Midwest regions. Distribution, Service, and Installation services are provided nationally.


Dispenser Overlays
(866) 994-9200

Petroleum Parts Inc. (PPI) is a leading supplier of Clark branded dispenser graphic overlays and replacement exterior sheet metal. Their materials are available to rebrand or "facelift" nearly any brand or model of petroleum dispenser. Clark branded graphics are available for Gilbarco, Wayne, and Tokheim dispensers and are made to OEM specifications for easy field installation and long service life.

The Clark dispenser graphics and overlay offering from PPI includes:

  • Overlays & put-downs
  • Brand panel overlays
  • Instructional/operational labels
  • Product identification decals
  • Facelift kits for sprucing up gas pumps/dispensers in the field

In addition to graphics, PPI provides custom-fabricated sheet metal and exterior trim for all major-manufacturer gas pumps/dispensers including Tokheim, Wayne , Gilbarco, and Schlumberger. These easy to install parts are designed to give your existing dispensers a "like-new" appearance when used in conjunction with PPI graphic packages.

Domestically and internationally, PPI supports the petroleum industry through an expansive line of dispenser graphics and parts. PPI's product line includes dispenser graphics, electronic circuit boards and printers, meters, key pads, card readers, encoders, pulsers, POS systems, control boxes, PCI compliant upgrades and replacement sheet metal and exterior trim. Their PPI-DurEquip division is a petroleum-industry specialist in remanufactured/rebuilt Tokheim, Schlumberger, Gilbarco, and Wayne gas pumps/dispensers. Their processes ensure that these remanufactured products are remanufactured to original OEM standards or better and you receive them "island-ready" - at a cost thousands of dollars less than brand-new gas pumps/dispensers.

To learn more about the benefits of PPI's dispenser graphics and custom-fabricated sheet metal and exterior trim for gas pumps/dispensers, please call (866) 994-9200.


LSI Graphic Solutions Plus has been providing Clark branded image elements since 1993. Today, we specifically manufacture for Clark Brands canopy and building fascia film and logos, entry door decals, dispenser door graphics, dispenser product ID panels, dispenser valance graphics, and fuel island regulatory and warning decals.

LSI Industries Inc., founded in 1976, is an image solutions company combining integrated design, manufacturing, and technology to supply high quality lighting fixtures and graphic elements for applications in retail, specialty niche, and commercial markets. LSI Lighting Solutions Plus produces high performance, energy efficient lighting products dedicated to outdoor, architectural outdoor, indoor, and architectural indoor and accent/down-light applications.

LSI Graphic Solutions Plus designs, produces, markets, and manages a wide array of custom indoor and outdoor graphics programs including signage, menu board systems, decorative fixtures, and LED displays and digital signage. In addition, we provide design support, engineering, and project management for custom programs for today's retail environment.

LSI's major markets are the petroleum/convenience store, multi-site retail (including automobile dealerships, restaurants, and national retail accounts), and the commercial/industrial lighting markets. LSI employs approximately 1,800 people in 14 facilities across the country.


Everbrite provides full standard and custom sign services to Clark, including logo faces, conventional and LED gas price signs. Whether it is new build, a rebrand or a retrofit with new the latest in LED technology, they work with your installers from survey to installation, to provide you with the signage you need to make your business stand out.

With over 800 dedicated employees, Everbrite, LLC is committed to continually exceed the needs of our customers. Since 1927, we have combined innovation with excellence to provide value-added, total image solutions to leading companies worldwide. Today, Everbrite is a recognized leader in the visual identification industry offering unrivaled capabilities in design, engineering and manufacturing.

Click here to visit the Everbrite extranet for Clark signs.


 Jones-Blair Premium coatings are now available in Clark colors. Enjoy superior color holding capabilities as well as the long life of a Jones-Blair coatings.

When using Jones-Blair coatings Clark stores will realize significant savings over the next several years and the sites will look great. We are delighted to offer this top quality paint for our customers.

Jones-Blair has and continues to support most major branded oil companies along with unbranded locations, and has been very successful for many years. Here is what you can expect from our new partner:

  • Individual price list/order forms are easy to read and include all associated primers, reducers, helpful painting tips, ordering information as well as contact information for technical assistance.
  • Orders may be placed by toll free fax, toll free telephone or email direct to customer service.
  • Orders received by noon Central Time are generally shipped same day and not later than 24 hours from receipt of order.
  • All approved colors are "pre-formulated" so as not to delay orders and assure color consistency from order to order.
  • One stop shopping for all paint colors.
  • Field Application Guide Instructions and Installation Notes are provided for all coatings applications and are available by email, fax or direct mail.
  • Commitment of Continual Improvement: Jones-Blair and Clark welcome your feedback on how we can improve our service and products for the brand image.

We are proud to partner with Jones-Blair to offer the finest coatings for our locations.

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Order Form.

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Paint Field Application guide.

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Canopy Deck Program Order Form.

Click here for the Jones-Blair Clark Canopy Under Deck Re-Painting specifications.

Clark is now partnered with Sherwin-Williams Paint Company. The Clark paints are available at Sherwin-Williams nationwide and their Coatings Representatives are available for site visits to assist in any project.

Beyond the specified products and colors for exterior branding, Sherwin-Williams provides a host of niche products for all of your maintenance needs, from Traffic Marking paint to Roof Coatings and Sundries to large equipment.

Click here for Sherwin-Williams exterior specifications.

Click here for Sherwin-Williams color specifications.

For further information, contact Todd McMartin at or 630.617.1714.

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AllOver Media:
Justin Tolle


AllOver Media provides revenue opportunities to your station for allowing national clients to advertise on you pump tops, gas nozzles, or station owned ice boxes. You choose what campaigns to run and there is no cost or effort involved for the station. AllOver Media also provides custom signage options to promote your brand or in-store specials.


AIR-serv Group LLC:


AIR-serv provides tire inflation and automobile vacuum programs to the convenience store and retail petroleum industry. We will install our equipment on your promises, service and maintain it.


Complete Service Imaging, Inc:
Kevin J. Nevel


Complete Service Imaging, Inc provides re-imaging, brand conversions, canopy repairs and replacements. They cover the Mid-Atlantic region.


Advanced Petroleum Equipment Company:


Specialist in sales of Dresser Wayne dispensing equipment for the retail and commercial petroleum industry.


ALGER Electric:
Bob Brooks & Kristen Brooks
410-486-3549 &


Alger Electric handles your installation and maintenace needs in the Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania area. We are fully lincensed and insured and offer competitive prices.


BARBER Petroleum & Equipment Company, Inc:
Ken, Andy, and Pat


BARBER Petroleum Equipment Company is a leading petroleum equipment distributor and contractor located in Georgia. We specialize in sales, service, and installation of petroleum equipment. We are authorized distributors for Dresser Wayne, OPW, VeriFone, and many other industry leading manufactures.


Eastern Sales and Engineering Company:


Eastern Sales and Engineering Company specializes in service and installation of all makes of dispensing equipment for the retail and commercial petroleum markets, including Wayne, Gilbarco, Veeder Root, VeriFone Ruby Sapphire and Topaz. We provide full service 24- hour emergency service, and turn key dispenser replacement and construction services for the petroleum industry, including crane service & sign installations.


Petroleum Specialties, Inc:
Wayne Henderson


Petroleum Specialties, Inc specializes in solutions for PCI Compliance, UST/AST issues, retail service stations and convenience stores as well as commercial fueling sites and Bulk plants. We have complete design services and deal with most major product lines.


Federated Insurance:
Jack West
As the premiere insurer of petroleum marketers and convenience store operators, Federated Insurance understands the unique needs of your business and your industry. Our specialized commercial insurance program - Petro Shield - reflects input from business owners and their stakeholders.
Tanknology provides testing and related services at more than 37,000 sites each year, for customers ranging from the largest oil companies to the smallest individual operators, in every corner of the country.


TelaPoint, Incorporated:

At WEX Fuel Management, we’re proud to be the first to provide web-based, business-to-business applications designed specifically for companies throughout the fuel supply chain and petroleum distribution market. Our product suite provides an effective communication architecture that brings more efficient business processes, cost savings, and valuable business intelligence to each member of the supply chain.


Clark Brands is excited to offer a solution for processing credit cards for your non-petroleum businesses. Through our strategic partner, TransNational Bank Card Services, you now have one stop for all your credit card needs.

TransNational can provide your other businesses with a unique and simplified merchant processing experience. Like Clark, they offer competitive rates, world-class customer service and innovative value-added solutions to help your maximize growth.

In addition to credit and debit card processing for your non-petroleum businesses, TransNational can offer your other businesses:

  • Payment gateway services
  • POS processing solutions
  • Check verification services
  • Gift/loyalty card programs

All TransNational transactions will be settled directly and paid directly to you by TransNational. A contract between TransNational and each customer/location is required.

To learn more about TransNational and how they can help you, please contact your Clark Account Manager.

Contact us today to see why Clark is The Choice of Independents. You can also call 877-GO-CLARK