Comdata Fuel Consortium

All Clark branded stores are now part of the Comdata Fuel Consortium. Clark funds a 2 ¢ discount per gallon to Comdata MasterCard fleet customers when they use their card at any Clark location. Participation in the consortium requires no changes to the way stores currently do business. Comdata and Clark will handle all of the tracking and payment of discounts!

Comdata is one of the largest providers of fleet cards in the country with more than 30,000 customers. They have developed a consortium of participating stations where their fleet cardholders can receive a discount on fuel purchases. Comdata provides fleet owners their discount on each fleet statement.

Comdata Discount Your benefits as member of the consortium:
  • No signup and no special hardware
  • No additional cost - Clark pays the fuel discount
  • Increased fleet gallons at your store - Comdata will push fleet drivers to your store
  • FREE marketing tools for your store

Instant, no-cost membership in the Comdata consortium is just another benenfit of branding Clark!

To apply for the Comdata MasterCard fleet card, please contact the Comdata Sales Team directly by calling (800) 833-8640.